High efficiency inverters drive pumps equipped with high power induction motors!


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We are the first in Pakistan who successful designed and installed the "5-inch water pump system". And we are proudly to make Prosperous Pakistan through our outstanding innovation and services. 




  • Dynamic maximum water point tracking (MWPT) control method ensure stable operation.
  • Shaheen Enterprise's system pumps up to 40% more water than other solar water pumping systems.
  • Highly intelligent power management module ensures high reliability and up to 98% conversion efficiency.
  • Anodized aluminum case for power module and solar tracking structure.
  • Long life stainless steel Pumps.
  • Highly efficiency induction motors.
  • Automatic switch between speed governing and rated speed modes.
  • Water-level detection and control circuit options available
  • The system requires external battery for backup during low sun light.
  • Additional installed (KWH) meter to check how much energy consume through solar system.
  • Extra circuit breaker for safety and protection.
  • CE Certified

Shaheen solar water pumping systems produced by Shaheen Enterprise with collaboration with European company. Our solar water pumping systems are long life and highly efficient for lifting water in the range from 10m to 250m with a daily water capacity in the range from 5m3 to 900m3 . They are ideal for providing water for drinking, agricultural irrigation, forestry irrigation, desert control, animal husbandry, water supply for islands and many more applications.


Submersible Solar Pumps

Dwonload 4" Submersible Pump Technical Specification


Shaheen Solar water pumping systems required battery bank for safety of controller and bear the motor torque with this features your pump will be safe, and also help the system in cloudy water, also it can be used for direct water supply or for pumping water into storage facility. The Systems are optimized for maximum water production at the lowest cost.Shaheen Enterprise's proprietary tracked solar arrays provide the highest pumping hours per day. High efficiency intelligent controllers deliver 99% of collected solar energy to long life high voltage high efficiency high power induction motors. The motors drive submersible stainless steel pumps to lift water up to 250m. High Voltage, high power induction motors improve the reliability of the pumping system and at the same time dramatically lowers the maintenance cost of the system.

By utilizing free energy from the Sun, these systems offer total independence from the fossil fuels and can be installed far away from the electricity grid making more of the barren land into productive land. This will give the farmers freedom from ever increasing cost of grid electricity or diesel and help improve the environment.

A typical solar water pumping system consists of a pump, a power-matched solar array and an inverter. Shaheen Solar Water Pumping Systems aim of to produce the maximum amount of water with minimum amount of PV modules and for the longest pumping hours per day.

The rotational speed of pump is regulated according to the level of solar irradiation; when the sunlight reaches its peak, the pump runs at the rated speed, and the output approaches the peak power of the solar array; when the sunlight is less there is no abundant in the speed of pump, because our outclass designed the system with battery bank, through this battery bank power provided to motor for maximum outcome and when the battery is less abundant the speed of pump goes below the rated speed until there is insufficient power to turn the motor off.

Shaheen Enterprise's solar pumping inverters convert DC from the proprietary solar array into high power induction voltage to drive the pump. With the function of MPPT (maximum power point tracking) and MWPT (maximum water point tracking). They regulates the output frequency according to irradiation level in real time to achieve the maximum output.


Shaheen solar water pumping control unit



  • High efficiency inverters drive pumps equipped with high power induction motors
  • Utilizes the dynamic VI maximum power point tracking (MPPT) control method and maximum water pumping tracking.
  • Fully automatic operation. It can freely set speed range of pump based on the actual solar irradiation level.
  • Operation data can be logged for up to 8 years.
  • Intelligent power module with conversion efficiency up to 99%
  • Full electrical protection with water-level detection and control circuit to prevent overflow and dry extraction.
  • Anodized aluminum case. Enclosure class: IP41,. Ambient temperature, -10-+50.C.


The pump driven by a high power induction motor, draws water from wells or rivers, then pours water into the reservoir or storage tank or directly to irrigation systems. In Solar pumping systems, pump selection is very important, this will directly affects the economy and stability of the whole system. Correctly selected pump type can increase working time and water flow rate of the solar pumping system. For example, low head and high water flow will require a different pump configuration compared to high head and low water flow.




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